Who We Are

We are a team of professionals with experience in healthcare, insurance, FMCG, media and consulting industries. We have created a technology-enabled system to support parents of Indians living across the world in connection with their medical needs, emergency situations and in providing them with independent living assistance.

A strong desire and a will to create a trusted brand, which will solve an important problem for our core audience, Indians Abroad, binds us.

Our ambition is to become the most trusted NRI brand, and therefore we have taken utmost care in creating systems that deliver truly unparalleled service, which we continuously strive to improve.

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Leadership Team

How We Make It Work


Elder Care App


Hours a Day


Days a Week


Days a Year

At the time of an emergency Elder Care app pinpoints the exact location* of your Elders. Enabling our team to arrive at the spot where immediate action is required.

* Terms and Conditions apply.