Making of the Elder Care infomercial

TVCs or Commercials are the single biggest cash guzzlers. Also the biggest contributors of butterflies to the stomach. You never how the final product will turn out. Multiply both by a 100 times when you have a bootstrapped start-up, where you are doubling up, besides other things, as the copywriter. 

So, as one should do, I kept it simple. Mapped the infomercial to deliver the task of explaining our proposition. Simply. 

Straight shooting copy needed a sincere delivery. After looking at various Singapore models with years of experience, during one of the longer drives, my mind wandered to a Dastak play from a couple of years back. 

There was this actor who switched his expressions of agony to joy, helpless to empowered,  almost like at a switch of a button. In a dance equivalence of theatre, he did not miss a beat. Now Dastak throws ten plays at you in an evening, which comes with a large number of actors. So it was impossible for me to remember what the actor’s name was. 

It did not take me long to locate Vishal Khattri. Who, to my utter delight, could not have been a better protagonist for our 120-seconder. 

Vishal, a Director of Professional Services by the day, actor par excellence, Singapore resident for 7 seven years, relocated from Boston after a 13-year stay in the US, represented my brand’s core target audience. An Indian abroad, whose parents live back home in India. Incidentally, Vishal relocated to the US during his high school days with his techie Dad.

Vishal agreed and contributed by insisting that he will carry the infomercial on his broad acting shoulders. Making it a single actor film. 

Virat Kohli fan, cricket junkie, who favours the Indian skipper more than Sri Lankan greats despite being a Sri Lankan, Naveen ____ directed the full day shoot. With more than 20 years of shooting commercials, documentaries, soaps, he translated my expectations into reality. 

See it for yourself and tell me what do you think. 

Here are some pics from the day. 

Pleasure and pain of working with a perfectionist DOP, Kandaswamy Gopal, flanked by Vishaal and me.

Anything for a perfect shot. With a Camera mounted outside the car and going around Singapore was worth every bit.

Perfect day for a shoot. Vishal Khattri with his eight-year-old son Vihan Khattri, picture-perfect together.

Joy of getting a perfect tie knot.

Collecting one of the 100s of small bits to get the desired outcome.

Fun of shooting in the studio

It only looks like a stand-off. All good!

Himanshu Verma