Comprehensive Care

An all-inclusive, intensive solution designed to assist the Elders every step of the way, including access to medical records from anywhere in the world.



Medical Emergency Services

With Medical Emergency Support, the Elder Care team will always be there to take care of your elders during a medical emergency.

  • Service is available on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis in the area where the Elder resides and has signed up for.
  • On pressing the one-touch SOS button, a series of processes are triggered, leading to the Elder swiftly being admitted to a hospital.
  • A trained Elder Care Officer (ECO) reaches the location of the emergency, either at home or another location in the registered city.
  • The ECO will accompany the Elder to the hospital in the ambulance. While the ECO reaches the Elder, an ambulance from a partner hospital is simultaneously deployed to reach the location of the emergency.
  • The elder is immediately transferred to the hospital for proper care and treatment. The Elder Care tech platform provides real-time updates to the Elder’s sponsor living abroad, as well as the registered local guardian.
  • The Elder Care team stays with the Elder at the hospital till the registered local guardian arrives.

Independent Living Assistance

Making sure that your parents, Elders are well supported in their day to day chores.

  • Three phone calls every week by Elder Care executives to check on assistance required and to enquire about elder well being.
  • If any help is required, it will be addressed during the Elder Care Officer home visit.
  • Elder Care Officers visit your elder four times a month to help with any chores at home or otherwise and take essential health readings.
  • During the home visit, Elder Care Officer can accompany your elder for any out-of-home activities like visiting a club, path lab, hospital and more.
  • Sponsors are sent regular updates on the elder's well-being, engagement records, services provided and more.

Medical Records Access

Elder Care digitises your elder’s medical records so they are on-hand as and when required.

  • Digitisation of all medical records makes them easy to access when required.
  • When visiting a GP or a specialist in a foreign country with your elder, the Sponsors can simply log into their console to access the medical records.
  • Medical records can be shared with medical institutions in times of medical emergencies.
  • Systems have been put in place to ensure due process is followed when sharing medical records.
  • Ability to update medical records also given to NRIs children in their digital console.

For further clarification, do get in touch at: hello@eldercare.international or WhatsApp/call us on +6594525760

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